Ballooning is an unforgettable experience. Floating along, riding the wind, and getting a birds eye view of the Spokane Valley. Your flight will give you a new perspective, viewed by only those who challenge the skies by balloon.

Your adventure begins with a passenger briefing discussing safety procedures for your flight. You'll then watch (or help if you so desire) the unfolding and inflation of the giant balloon. Next you'll board our traditional hand crafted wicker basket. The flight then starts, not by the basket going up but by the ground slipping away as you escape the confines of earths gravity.

Allow three hours for this high adventure romance with the skies. Winds generally blow out of the east in the mornings and from the west in the afternoon. Morning flights are only offered on the weekend but afternoon flights are every day of the week.

Your adventure of a lifetime includes preflight activities, at least one hour of flight time, postflight activities, and a ride back to the launch field.



For reservations, more details on scheduling, or gift certificates, call or fax between 7am and 4pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday.



We recommended casual flying attire. This includes low heel shoes and slacks. The temperature change is slight from ground to air, so dress accordingly for the day of your flight.



Bring your camera and at least three times as much film as you think you'll need for there will be many memories you'll want to relive.



Avian Balloon Company has been manufacturing and flying balloons since 1974 and has the skill and experience to make your flight most memorable. Our FAA Licensed commercial pilots will make your flight both safe and fun.

Avian Aerial Cuisine:

Imagine the thrill of hot air ballooning combined with the luxury of gourmet dining. That's just what you'll experience with Aerial Cuisine by Avian.

A full course gourmet meal will be prepared and served to you by your personal, on-board chef while you are enjoying a spectacular view. This will make your next special occasion one of your life's most memorable experiences.

For more details on pricing, scheduling, or gift certificates for our Aerial Cuisine or standard flights call or fax between 7am and 4pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday.

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