Our baskets are handcrafted and made from the finest imported rattan available. Every basket is individually woven at our factory by skilled personnel. Once the basket is woven, we finish it with a coat of polyurethane. Over the years we have refined our baskets to incorporate the best design data available.

In 1975 our first baskets were woven using a horizontal weave. This design proved extremely durable and allowed our customers year after year of hard use. Then in 1983 we introduced a vertical weave basket. The vertical weave enables easier basket repairs.

The vertical weave allows the step to be woven into the basket. It is not an after thought like what you might see on horizontally woven baskets. The vertical weave also receives less damage with basket layovers on windy landings. This is because the weave runs in the same direction as the basket is being pulled. Not across the weave like horizontal woven basket designs.


To complete the basket there are eight individual handles, two at each corner. The handles are designed using a rattan toggle and are very easy to grip.

Leather Trim

We trim the top handrail with a double layer of high density foam and cover it with suede leather. The burner supports are also padded and covered with suede leather. On the lower edge of the basket we install a piece of thick leather latigo. This covers and protects the bottom rail and the platform on landings.

Skid Plates

An extensive skid plate system is installed to the bottom of the platform. This is to protect the outer edge of the platform and all the support cables.

Envelope Attachment

All baskets feature a four point carabiner, mid-burner support pick-up. The mid-burner support design allows the burner to virtually be located in the mouth of the envelope. This feature provides better fuel economy, eliminates the need for a skirt or scoop, and makes our balloons the easiest in the world to inflate.

Magnum IX

Skyhawk & Falcon II