All Avian envelopes are constructed from 1.9 oz. per square yard 100% ripstop nylon. We have used this same basic fabric since our conception in the Fall of 1974. From our pleasure flyer and sport competitor to our heavy-use/commercial ride operators, our fabric has repeatedly proven itself in the air and on the ground.


We realize at Avian Balloon Company that each balloon is unique, and is a personal extension of the owner. You are encouraged to participate in the visual design. If you are choosing your own color pattern or creating the most adventurous design imaginable, we at Avian can make your fantasies come true.


Avian’s smooth natural shaped envelope is functional as well as beautiful. This natural shape permits excellent control in both your everyday flying and your competitive events. Our envelope gore features a horizontal cut design. We chose this style due to its structural strength and also its ease of repair.
All gore panel seams are constructed with flat felled seams and sewn using a double needle lock stitch. All gore seams are sewn using the same double needle felled seam construction and also have a 1 1/8” wide load tape installed on all gore seams during construction. To finish our envelope we also install horizontal load tapes at strategic locations. (ie. The top, middle, and lower sections of the envelope.)

Turning Vents

Offered as an option, this double vent system is located at the equator and rotates the balloon on its axis. Rotation can be clockwise or counter clockwise. This maneuver is accomplished by pulling on one of the two small ropes that come down from the envelope and are attached by the basket. By using the turning vents, the envelope can make a complete 360 degree rotation in less than ten seconds.

Parachute Vent

All envelopes come standard with our Parachute Vent/Deflation Port system. This deflation system utilizes a circular opening located at the top of the envelope. A section of fabric which looks like a parachute is positioned to plug the hole. When the pilot wants to vent or deflate the envelope, a line is pulled, the parachute moves away from the opening and the hot air is released. The parachute is attached to a double pulley system and makes the operation of the parachute and deflation easier.

Pop-Top/Ultra Vent

If you’re a pilot that wants a positive open deflation port system, we offer our unique Ultra Vent as an option. This deflation port utilizes a pop-top and circular vent which surrounds half the deflation port opening. Our system has two functions: 1) The vent system operates much like a parachute, with equal performance. 2) The pop-top is a double fail-safe system that when activated stays open.

Apex Webbing
Four Ring Tether Hook-up