Standard Equipment

All Models

  • Pulley assisted parachute vent and deflation system
  • Stainless steel envelope cables
  • Carabiner envelope basket hook-up
  • Heavy cordura envelope storage bag with separate cable storage
  • Vertical weave wicker basket
  • Padded suede handrail & burner supports
  • Leather around bottom edge and on step
  • High performance fully gimballed burner system
  • Ball valve design on both the blast valve and pilot lights
  • Easy hand spin-on fittings
  • Eight basket handles
  • Tank belts (two per tank)
  • Floor tank pads
  • Flytec 3040 Flight Instrument
  • Nylon flight pouch

Sparrow, Falcon II, & Skyhawk

  • Self-designed Horizontal pattern envelope
  • Built in step
  • Redundant burner system
  • Two stainless steel 15 gallon fuel tanks

Magnum IX & Turbo 8

  • Self-designed, horizontal pattern envelope (unlimited selection of colors)
  • Built in step
  • Four stainless steel 15 gallon fuel tanks